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Elisabeth “My family and I have been in a long journey for our migration process to Australia through Business visas. Preeti has been amazing to be our agent along the way. We definitely will recommend Ausviz Migration for relatives and friends who want to get help for their migration visa. Preeti will not be easy on you since beginning. She is efficient, prompt, fair, very attentive and straight forward. She will not give you false hope, but always being genuine and conservative with our chances of success. Thank you Preeti. I wish Ausviz Migration will gain more success in the future. And that’s from the deep in our heart😄

Suman: My migration journey has been very stressful and challenging.  I engaged Ausviz Migration about a month before I had to leave the State.  Preeti discussed the different pathways I was eligible for in length to assist me in making an informed decision.  All assistance provided was professional and honest. Thank you very much for all the assistance you have provided me .


Kumar: I sincerely thank you for the continued support towards my Visa process procedure.  And , I’m very happy that I choose Ausviz Migration and it was very trustworthy to deal with you and Ausviz  Migration. Once again, Thank you very much for your continued support Ms. Preeti and sure I will not forget you and Ausviz Migration and will definitely refer you for further.

Jadwiga: Preeti Sharma has been an excellent support to us while providing her service and guiding us through all the complexity of visa processing. She has been always promptly replying to our emails and giving us any additional information we asked her. Our cooperation was professional, efficient and friendly.  She is a reliable, thrust worthy, patient and knowledgeable person.


Jazz: I came here as a student with lots of dreams. Some were fulfilled without struggle and some not. There was a time when I had no hope regarding my visa, my life was a mess and all I had was darkness in my life. I had applied for Subclass 187 (RSMS permanent) through another agent and was refused. I had sought second opinion from other agents was said I had no chance and should leave Australia. Then an angel came in my life, her name is Preeti Sharma. She is a professional immigration agent. I still remember the day when I met her for first time. She seemed really strict and straight forward, but somewhere I liked her nature because she told the truth. She said I don’t have much hope because my current visa was going to expire soon and I had been previously refused. We looked at Occupational Trainee visa (402) which I had never heard about that visa, but unfortunately I got refused again. Preeti did not give up and I never gave up my trust in her as well. Then we both fought in MRT and we won. I appreciate her attitude as she was the first agent I met who worked hard and at all hours of the day and night. She is always dedicated to her clients and work. Even after winning MRT, we struggled to get it approved and Preeti managed to get the visa but it was only given for a limited time and with “no further stay” condition attached. She managed to apply for Subclass 187 (RSMS) for the same position which I had been previously refused through another agent. I finally got my permanent residency in Australia through pure hard work and dedication. Three years later I was reunited with my son and he came here to live with us. At the happiness I have now is due to her. She has been like the good fairy in my life sent by God.

Nidhi: It is very hard to put in words the regards and respect I have for you. Mam I still remember the day I came to you and you explained me all the possibilities according to my profile. You were so blunt and honest and at the same time so professional that at times it used to irritate me in the beginning but as time passed, I realised that your honest and blunt opinions were so necessary. We as clients always panic as it is the end of the world for us but the way you handled my throughout the case was highly appreciated and was proved by the results that came at the end and my RSMS Subclass 187 was granted. Mam we meet a lot of agents but the bonding I built with you after all the love, support, care and even criticism will always be cherished. I highly respect the way you kept me updated with all the facts and responses was extremely professional. I had the most stressed time of my life while this case was going on and which you made so easy and relaxing with your ongoing support. You not only say but do treat and handle each case as your child. I absolutely love you a lot and I am so blessed to have you as a friend for my whole life.In the end, I would like to ay that you are the one who made me believe and you lived up to it. I truly dedicate this quote to you as you made this happen for me: THERE WILL BE OBSTACLES THERE WILL BE DOUBTERS THERE WILL BE MISTAKES BUT WITH HARD WORK, THERE ARE NO LIMITS AUSVIZ MIGRATION IS TRULY THE GATEWAY OF AUSTRALIA With great respect, regard and love.

Kuljeet: I would like to thank you from the core of my heart for making our dreams come true though it was not an easy and simple process however your highly professional advice and clear vision regarding our permanent residency was really mandatory. You helped us all the way through.My husband didn’t get student dependent visa due to previous migration history but Preeti mam told us beforehand that it’s really hard to get it.  Yesterday my husband I got Subclass 190 permanent residency in less than six weeks. I haven’t met Preeti mam personally we just connected through phone coz she has a office in Perth and I reside in Melbourne but I trust her completely as she is very straight forward and honest. I recommend her to all people who are struggling for migration advice to get through because she is the most professional Migration Agent I have ever found. I even-don’t have words to write about her personality as she is very humble and generous with all her clients. Thanks heaps once again mam. Your the best.

Isabel: When I had the first consultation with Madam Sharma regarding visas, she listened attentively and she had to lay down how she would help with visa options. Madam Sharma was so professional at all times and she was really committed to helping me. All the questions that I asked were answered. Madam Sharma is so effective with communication, when you send her an email, she would reply just there and then without wasting time. Also when you phone her she would answer the phone there and then,if she’s busy and you leave the message, she does not take long to return the call. I was able to reach for advise at any time, be face-to-face at her office, email, phone calls or text messages. She is a very reliable person that someone can rely on.I do not hesitate to recommend Madam Sharma to other people who need some help with Visas.

I would like to acknowledge madam Sharma’s efforts that were rendered to me. With thanks to you Madam Sharma

Frida: 2 years ago I got my RSMS nomination rejected with 11 others who had lodged at the same time with me. I had no hope at that time. I was thinking of going back to my country. I went to so many migration agents and spent a lot of money and they only told me to go back to my country and that there was no hope for me. I knew there was no hope until one day I met my friend who introduced me to Ausviz. He told me to call Preeti for a training visa. At that point I had given up all hope and was very negative but I decided to come to Ausviz and met Preeti. I wasn’t in a great mood to see her but she said to me, “why you have to go home,you spend everything here” and one thing I always remember she told me “if you want to fight, I will fight for you and this is not about money”. At the time I asked myself  “if other people want to fight for me why should I give up?” I found that her support was more than anything and she was always honest. I then decided to start our process for my training visa. Preeti did not promise anything but she tried her best for her clients. She helped me a lot and support me in all situations even when I felt unsure. Finally I got my training visa (Subclass 402) granted. I was so happy at that time. Before my training visa expired,came another problem what should I do before and after this. Preeti then worked hard try to look at my rejection for my RSMS nomination and looked at it in detail. She encouraged and supported me but did not push me. She offered if I would like to reapply for my RSMS but said it would be very difficult but not impossible and that she could only try if I am willing to give it a last chance. She said we would do it step by step to avoid risking money. I could not trust my luck as I know it would get rejected again. But finally with so much support I got from Ausviz, I decided to reapply. I asked if Preeti could help me to speak to my employer and with the past 11 rejections, they had no hope too. And she agreed to help me with that too. At that time, it wasn’t an easy time for me. But Preeti tried hard and again supported me more and more. My feeling wasn’t so good and was very negative. She got all the documents done and put in a lot of work. Then finally she got my nomination approved and changed history of 11 refusals to a first win. This was amazing and what she always told me to believe in God and miracle. A couple of months later,finally after hard time I got my PR (RSMS Subclass 187) granted. Thank you Preeti and Ausviz. It took me a long time to get it but I always remember every single step I took, you always supported me whole heartedly so thank you. I really recommend your services.

Nadja and Rajiv: My husband and I would like to thank Preeti for her continuous support over the years and her migration services that have been knowledgeable and professional at all times. I’m originally from Germany, my husband from India and we met in Australia in 2011. We wanted to make Australia our home so badly, but ended up struggling with both of our separate visa cases. That’s when we came to Preeti to explain to her our very messed up visa situation and although we looked previously for suitable migration agents, it finally clicked and we have found security within her services, due to her vast knowledge of the immigration system. With some extra luck and her amazing guidance, I have now an Australian husband and I have just received my permanent residence after nearly 5 years of battling. We wish we would have come across Preeti much earlier, as she would have spared us a lot of trouble. Therefore please do yourself a favour and don’t attempt to migrate to Australia without the help of an agent and then do yourself another favour and select Preeti as your Migration Agent! She sets very high standards and wants all her visa cases to succeed, so rest is assured that you will be within good hands! We will be forever grateful and we will never forget for what she has done and the solace that we have found within her! Loads of Love!!! Nadja & Rajiv

Steve and Dang: we sincerely thank you for the help with our Partner visa. During the past year thanks to your instructions, finally the Department of Immigration granted our visa. We were very satisfied with the enthusiasm and professionalism of Ausviz migration and believe that in future Ausviz Migration will have more success and your credibility will grow. We wish you health and happiness!

Bali: Dear Ms. Preeti, you provided me a great service for my RSMS visa and I am really happy with that. Thanks a lot and good luck.

J LTD: I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding service you have provided. Our business desperately needed a “Retail Manager” and you handled the entire case so well. I still remember when the Department asked us to withdraw the Nomination as they said they would refuse the application. We were devastated but you took the challenge on board and addressed the issue. We had no hope but we believed that you have tried your best. To our surprise, you finally did it. Your submission was outstanding and the Department accepted your arguments and granted the Nomination. It was not an easy case especially from what I have heard about “Retail Manager” positions being refused. Further more the difficulty was that the applicant had never worked in Australia or been to Australia and you managed to get the applicant his RSMS Subclass 187 visa directly from off-shore. We are very happy for your efforts and our business has continued to grow due to your support and we recommend everyone to you especially for your case submissions and logical arguments and above all you do not give up till the end. Thank you so much Preeti.

Ian: It is with pleasure that I make this statement with regards to my mother’s Contributory Parent visa application. Throughout the application process Preeti has been in constant communication with me. Preeti has always conducted herself in a Professional manner with courtesy and I would recommend her to anyone who is contemplating migration to Australia. The results speak for themselves.

Harman: My experience with Ausviz Migration has been really good and I am happy as all information was provided to me and every time a case officer contacted or requested information, I was updated straight away without any delay. Another great thing is that I did not have to deal with other people and could contact Ms Preeti directly. I had applied for Subclass 187 (RSMS) and had a really good outcome. If anyone has any visa issues, I recommend to contact Ausviz Migration. If we think about fees and compare with other agents it would be a waste of time. Just step ahead and invest in your future for the best outcome.

Jaskaran: First I would like to say thanks because my Partner visa  (Subclass 820/801)case was very complicated and it was handled very carefully and Ms Preeti gave all her personal interest to get my visa done….And I am really happy because the service is good and we can rely on the Ausviz Migration. I would like to recommend people to choose Ausviz if they really want to solve their visa problems.

Nakul: I was happy with Ausviz, specially the stepwise description of how to gather all documents and the communication was really easy via email and phone. My permanent visa Subclass 885 was granted really fast.

Purva: I was a student here for four years and had lost all hope for my PR. You are the one , you gave me right suggestion and I got my RSMS Subclass 119 visa. I did consult with other migration agents but I feel you are the one , providing excellent service, right direction and good suggestion. For me you are best.  Thanks for everything.

Raymond: It has been great working with you and the fact that you did and managed things in organised and swift manner is a very impressive. As a client we are very pleased with the services you rendered to us. The case was not an easy one, however, it went through smoothly and in timely manner. Thank you again and I would not hesitate to recommend you to others who may need your services. (Employer for Subclass 187 RSMS).

Leo: Me and my partner were ready to leave the country once I found out that my employer could not sponsor me. That was when I contacted Ausviz which was recommended by someone I trusted. I explained my situation and the immediate response I got was that I still had a couple of options for my permanent residency. I was advised of the best option being Subclass 190 and I agreed to go with it. Ausviz Migration looked after my case even though I was 1000 kms away. It all went well and now me and my partner are Permanent residents. I would recommend their services at anytime to anyone. They gave me an option and guided me through it and the outcome could not have been better.

Rey: I have been to a lot of migration agents but there is noting is like Ausviz Migration especially I would like to thank and named her Ms. Sharma. Working alongside you is a pleasure and the way you handle things are really impressive. There is no time to waste, immediate responses, options planner and more information that you provided me with are really reliable. I have my Residential Status through RSMS 187 and all process of my Visa was granted really fast. Therefore, I will never hesitate to recommend Ausviz Migration to everybody that needs help with their Visa. Thank you so much for your guidances and advices. I looking forward to work with you again someday.

Dino and Tas: Thank you very much for taking up our  RSMS Subclass 187 case at the last minute. You did a wonderful job helping us prepare and submit the documents within 2 weeks before our visa ended.We really appreciate all the advise and the late nights you have put in to help us out. We will definitely recommend you to our friends if they require migration agent.

Asad: I am so glad to receive my 457 visa through Ausviz Migration. I would really recommend your company services to everyone who is looking for a professional and dedicated Registered Migration agent. The whole visa process was so smooth and you took everything into consideration. You are really professional and expert in Australian Visas. The thing that really impressed me was the way you approach complex problems and provide possible solutions. Thank you again so much for all your help. You were extremely helpful to me in the entire process and very professional. I’ll be sure to contact you again in the future, and recommend your services to others.”

Salvatore: “I spent a lot of time and money dealing with different “migration agents” with not enough knowledge on migration laws, processes and policies. Finally a friend of mine suggested me to contact Ms Preeti Sharma from Ausviz Migration. Preeti gave me since the first consult proof of honesty, outstanding professionality, passion for her job and care. Thanks to Preeti’s precision, knowledge and dedication, my Visa Subclass 190 has been granted about two months before the due date. I would highly recommend Ausviz migration for who is looking for an excellent Immigration Agent.” I hope it describe you in the way you deserve.

Ulhas: It is a long awaited family reunion, all credit goes to you, the unconditional continuous efforts you have put into our case is highly appreciable and commendable. At last you did it conquering all the hurdles.We are so happy and content with the family reunion. I once again take a chance to thank you from our family for your unrelenting efforts in our case and looking forward to be associated with you and your firm for any further case. I have highly recommended your firm and you for any applications. Thank You So very much Preeti for helping us with our Subclass 489 visa.
Shuma: I would like to give my sincere appreciation to “Ausviz Migration” for their excellent service. Preeti was absolutely fabulous. She dealt with my partner visa Subclass 820 case professionally, with proper guidelines and kept me informed along with the way. I do recommended “Ausviz Migration” services.

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