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Step by step process at Ausviz

Step 1: Initial Consultation: At the initial consultation Ausviz will determine all your visa choices and eligibility if any. You must provide all the information requested. We provide you a no obligation quote either at the consultation or at a set date later if more research and/or documents are required.

Step 2: You decide on your option and formal agreement is made to initiate your visa application process.

Step 3: Documents are requested from you and Ausviz starts preparing the required documents/submissions for the application.

Step 4: Ausviz will lodge the application and write to you to confirm lodgement

Step 5: We keep you updated on the progress of the application. We liaise with the Department/s and you if further documents are requested

Step 6: Application is finalised and you are notified.

At Ausviz we take a step by step approach and you are always informed of the next step. Ausviz will take care of all the deadlines, tonnes of paperwork and do the hard yards for you. To get the work done we will do whatever it takes. We will email you, call you and text you and remind you and work towards your migration goal.

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